My ESL Podcast Schedule!

Hello, everyone! Man, it’s been a phenomenal several months since starting up my ESL podcast.  The number, in just 6 months, are beyond anything I could’ve ever imagined.

Because the numbers are stacked, people are probably going to want more of a set schedule in terms of what they’re learning, what they want to be listening for, etc.  Because this is important for podcasters and with scheduling, I’ve broken down the set days on what I will be doing for you guys, along with a sneak peak in regards to my new series I’m launching.

Monday – Pronunciation

Tuesday – ESL Special (TOEIC/IELTS/TOEFL)

Wednesday – Grammar – (double podcast in a day)

Thursday – ESL Special (TOEIC/IELTS-TOEFL)

Friday – Vocabulary

Saturday – International Guest Speaker (on selected weekends)

Sunday – None

New Feature

The reason why I’m including the special is because a lot of people have been listening to my IELTS and TOEIC podcasts, let alone viewing my blogs on the website.  Depending on what the demand is and what the numbers are, I’ll probably always include TOEIC; in addition to that, I will put either TOEFL or IELTS on the Thursday.

When speaking skill comes back (in the third season), there will be a double podcast on Wednesday’s with Grammar in the morning (Bangkok, Thailand time), followed by Vocabulary in the evening.

International Guest Speakers will debut in Saturday.  If I have more than a month’s worth of speakers on hold, I will use both days (Saturday and Sunday).

Pronunciation will be as followed, and I’ll still do tasks.  If I do any tasks with a podcast (unlikely), they will debut on this website on Sunday, so be sure to follow me.

Furthermore, I’m setting up a newsletter for you guys so you know what will be upcoming in the week (Sunday evening Bangkok, Thailand time).

If you guys have anymore recommendations, let me know!

Be sure to subscribe to my YouTube and Instagram.  I will announce YouTube schedules soon!


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