Arsenio’s ESL Podcast: Season 2 – Episode 49 – Vocabulary – Phrasal Verbs (Reading & Writing)

Some more phrasal verbs for my students out there! I’ve had a request from one of my ex-students to do more of these, so here I am — doing more of them!


Read these sentences.  Can you guess the meaning of the phrasal verbs in italics?

  1. I don’t want to stop now.  I seriously want to read on to the end.
  2. Can you read out your answer so we can all hear it?
  3. I don’t understand some of these words.  I’m going to look them up in the dictionary.
  4. I want you all to turn over the page and continue reading.
  5. Read the sentences and then fill in the gaps.
  6. He flicked through the channels until he found something entertaining to watch.
  7. It doesn’t look good when you make a lot of mistakes on your application and cross them out instead of using ‘white out.’


Match the phrasal verbs in 1 with the definitions. 

a. Read so that other people can hear you properly.

b. Scribbling on paper.

c. Write information in the choices that are blank.

d. Find information in a book.

e. Continue reading.

f. Turn a page to the other side.

g. Changing the channel quickly.




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