Arsenio’s ESL Podcast: Season 2 – Episode 50 – Pronunciation – Syllable Work (Part II)

Hello, and welcome back to some more syllable work.  It’s always good to review, reflect, and practice saying particular words.  Again, stressing syllables is very important, so I want to go over some more syllable stressing in the next 2 pronunciation blogs and podcasts.

So, in my podcast (right down below in the link) you’ll hear me reiterate the words three times.  Your goal is figure out how many syllables there are in each word (one, two, three, or four).

After that, I will stress particular syllables and you’ll have to listen closely to the ones I stress.


Arrive, authority, competition, curious, immediate, page, manager, please, business, dictionary, omitted, positive, center, essay, own, text.

One syllable:


Two syllables:


Three syllables:


Four syllables:



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