Arsenio’s ESL Task: Reported Situations

Write what the people actually said in each situation. 


  1. The lady asked the man if he was walking to the store at the moment. He said that he wasn’t but that he was going to walk there soon.

Woman: Are you walking to the store at the moment?

Man: No, I’m not, but I am going to walk there soon.


Over to you….

2. The writer asked the man if he had enjoyed her booked.  He said that he thought it was the most beautiful thing he’d ever read.


3. The reported asked the singer why she wouldn’t answer any of his questions.  She told him that she only wanted to talk about her new album and that she wasn’t going to talk about anything else.


4. The teacher asked the class whether they could write an essay for the next day, but they replied that they couldn’t because they had to study for an exam and they wouldn’t have enough time.


5. Julie wanted to know how many times I’d read my personal develop book and I told her that I’d read it three times.


Put them into active voice and post your answers on my blog on my facebook page!

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