Arsenio’s ESL Podcast: Season 2 – Episode 56 – Pronunciation – Held ‘T’

After having a profound insight with one of my students this evening, I decided to do this week’s pronunciation lesson on the lesson I had with him.  I think it’s remarkable how amazing North American English is.  First, let’s break down the silent ‘T.’

Spelled – Internet; Pronunciation – Innernet

Spelled – Interview; Pronunciation – Innerview

Spelled – International; Pronunciation – Innernational

Spelled – Advantage; Pronunciation – Advanage


Additional words: put, what, lot, set, hot, sit, shot, brought


With -tain, tten and some TN combinations, the T is held. 

Written, certain, forgotten, 

He’s forgotten the carton of satin mittens.

She’s certain that he has written it.

Martin has gotten a kitten.


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