Arsenio’s ESL Podcast: Season 3 – Episode 14 – Pronunciation Skill – Grammatical Endings Practice

Welcome back to another fresh week and another wonderful podcast for you guys.  Today is about underlining all the words with the -s/-es and -ed endings.  Note: Please don’t look at the blog before listening to this.  First listen, write down the words that you think have the endings, then check the block to confirm.

Another great exercise for you guys.  Write down your answers and get back to me.

  1. The interviewer asked me if I had ever…..
  2. As soon as Silvia gets home from work, she……
  3. Lee moved to Canada ten years ago, but he still……..
  4. Today people communicate with cell phones; twenty-five years ago they…..
  5. When Henry arrived at the hotel, he…….
  6. Max never carries any cash, so he usually…….
  7. Because Gina’s driver’s license has expired, she…….
  8. I didn’t think my rent included utilities, but…….

Additional task

Match the endings down below with the beginnings.

a. sat down and relaxed for a while before taking a shower.

b. finds it difficult to communicate with the natives there.

c. it’s not a problem.  I’ll find a way to pay them.

d. been convicted of a crime.

e. had to go to the department of motor vehicles to renew it.

f. pays with card.

g. communicated by sending mail to one another.

h. hops in the shower and plays with her dog.




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