Arsenio’s ESL Podcast: Season 1 – First Conversation: Thai & French Accents!

This was a podcast I did at the very beginning stages of my podcast.  I’m finally getting around to developing podcast art and making shownotes for this particular podcast, so I hope you guys enjoy this one!

International Guest Speakers on French and Thai accents

Things we discussed:

  • Introduction.
  • Learning German and Japanese.
  • Gigi’s experience in India.
  • Indian cuisine.
  • French & Thai cuisine.
  • General diet of Thai people.
  • French diet.
  • Famous French cuisine.
  • French red wine and other alcoholic beverages.
  • The French host’s favorite wine and champagne as well as prices.
  • Talking about Thai wine, champagne and other alcoholic beverages with its prices.
  • Recommendation of two places in Thailand for visitors to visit.
  • Recommendation of two places in France for visitors to visit.
  • Other alternatives and places in Thailand for visitors to visit.
  • Traveling plans and Songkran.


Thank you for listening!


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