Arsenio’s ESL Podcast: Season 3 – Episode 29 – Speaking Skill – Shifting The Topic

Hello, everyone! I’m substituting grammar this week! I decided to add in a speaking skill since I didn’t deliver one last week.  So, here’s a nice one for you today!

During a conversation or discussion, we sometimes NEED to change, or shift, a topic.  When speaking to other people, it is important to recognize the topic shifts so you can follow the discussion.  Topic shifts can happen because a speaker may not want to talk about something, the may want to move on to something more interesting, or because they have been reminded of something else.

  • By the way…..
  • Speaking of which….
  • That reminds me….

A. Hey, Arsenio! What’s up!

B. Busy as heck! I’ve got lots of things happening on my end. What’s up? (I want him to get to the point).

A. Ahhh, not much. Just finished watching DragonBallZ.

B. Hey, Andre! Can I call you back?

This is a conversation I generally have with my best friend, Andre.  I’m very diligent when it comes to work, and I need to use my time very wisely. If there’s something unimportant happening on his end, I drop the conversation.

A. We are getting a lot of hours this month, huh?

B. Sure are! There are many students pouring in here because of the break.

C. Did you hear what Donald Trump said earlier?

A. Hey, AJ, I need to prepare for a class.

B. Hey, Ian….I’ll be right back. Need to make some copies.

In this situation, letter C came into the conversation and delivered a topic that both A and B were unwilling to talk about.

Time to make shifts yourself!

  1. Favorite vacation destination —-> favorite food.
  2. The city where you live ——> urban sprawl
  3. Emotional nourishment —– your choice


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