Arsenio’s ESL Podcast: International Guest Speaker: Life Coach — Ramona — From Romania!

After a friend request was accepted, I realized that Ramona was a life-coach from Romania and living in Dublin.  From that moment was the inception of a life-long friendship that could bring so much to human beings around the planet.  I’m super grateful for not only telling my story through personal development, but making connections all over the world.  I’m introducing you another International Guest Speaking Podcast today! Enjoy!


Things we discussed:

  • Ramona’s love for the English language.
  • Why she went to Ireland.
  • When she started learning English.
  • Her love for Romania after visiting.
  • What her appreciation of Romania was from a different perspective.
  • Problems acclimating in Ireland?
  • Becoming a life-coach.
  • Irish castles and beautiful Irish landscapes.
  • Irish cuisine and Irish soup.
  • Similarities between Romanian and Irish sense of humor.
  • Her visits to other parts of European countries.
  • Bali from a different perspective.
  • Recommendations of well-known places to visit in Romania.
  • The country Georgia and its beautiful language.
  • Her visit to Bulgaria.
  • Subconscious mind.
  • Next adventures.

Thank you for listening!

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