Arsenio’s ESL Podcast: Special – TOEFL Idioms – Part III

Welcome back to another edition of TOEFL idioms, everyone! Since this was a massive hit amongst the ESL population, I decided to make another one for all of you so you can take your idiomatic expressions to the next level.  Remember, learn and teach so you can remember them!

Run into someone Meet someone unexpectedly. I ran into her at the store the other day! She wasn’t very happy.
Sweating bullets Nervous I always sweat bullets before the flight!
Tag along Ask someone to come with.. I asked her if she wanted to tag along for the trip next weekend.
On the fence Indecisive. I’m on the fence about purchasing this TV.
Take it easy Relax. You need to take it easy — you look very tired.
Take with a grain of salt Don’t take too seriously. With the comments I get online from some users, I usually take them with a grain of salt.
Test the waters Try something out. I tested the waters by living in Australia and now Thailand for 5.5 years.
Way to go! Good job! Way to go! You got the highest score!


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