Arsenio’s ESL Podcast: Season 3 – Episode 32 – Grammar – Will, Be Going to, Present Cont/Simp for Future

Arsenio's ESL Podcast
Arsenio's ESL Podcast: Season 3 - Episode 32 - Grammar - Will, Be Going to, Present Cont/Simp for Future

Yes! All of these combined and for the future! This is going to be a difficult one, so please,  prepare yourselves for a long podcast and blog! We’re getting into the Intermediate realm now.

1a – Match the sentences (a-d) with the rules (1-4)

a. In the next few weeks, leaders of the world are meeting to discuss climate change.

b. When you get home this evening, what will you watch on TV?

c. Some people say this will be the future of technology.

d. It appears that it’s going to be difficult to produce fresh food in the future.


  1. We use the present simple with time expressions like when, after, before, as soon as to talk about the future.
  2. We use the present continuous to talk about fixed, confirmed future arrangements.
  3. We use will to make general predictions.
  4. We use be going to to make predictions based on some sort of evidence.


Complete the sentences with the correct form of the present simple or will.

  1. When she _________(come), we ____________(leave).
  2. My brother ______________(call) you back as soon as he _____________(finishes) his homework.
  3. I ______________(do) the dishes before mom ______________(get) home.
  4. When you ___________(go) to the shops next week, ____________ you ___________(buy) new shoes?
  5. When you _______________(come) to my hotel, we ______________(eat) dinner.
  6. Before Auntie Anne ____________(get) home tonight, I ______________(clean) the house.
  7. When I _____________(have) enough money, I ______________(travel) to Chile.
  8. I ______________(not take) the pie out of the oven until it _____________(be) ready.


Read the pairs and choose the correct answer.

1a. What do you do this weekend?

1b. What are you doing this weekend?

2a. I think I’ll leave soon.

2b. I think I’m going soon.

3a. Someone’s calling. I’ll see who it is.

3b. Someone’s calling.  I’m seeing who it is.

4a. She’s going to win the competition.

4b. She’ll win the competition.

5a. When I get home, I’ll make a snack.

5b. When I will get home, I’ll make a snack.

6a. What time does your plane leave?

6b. What time is your plane leaving?


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