Stephen Covey’s Speed of Trust: Season 4 – Episode 5 – My Analysis Questionnaire

Boy, that was a heck of a questionnaire I recently did the other day.  Perhaps some of you didn’t understand the overall idea of doing it and what kind of awareness it should have brought to your life. Here goes my rundown of the strong categories and others that are in need of help.

My overall score was a 92. I was as hard as possible on myself, but I still achieved a pretty high score.  The goal is to be brutally honest with yourself, because if you’re not, you’re never going to understand which areas/cores are hurting your overall success.  I did give myself a +/- 4 points, so my worst score could’ve possibly been 88.  Still pretty high, considering all that I’ve gone through in my life.

I am able to consistently make and keep commitments to myself and to others.

This is an area that I need to fix.  You probably heard my podcast a week ago in regards to the people who are just terrible with keeping their promises.  However, I too, don’t keep promises all the time.  There was a time that I invited a woman onto my podcast, only for me not to keep my commitment in the end.  At the beginning, establishing trust is the most pivotal, so if I stood her up for her time, I ultimately fail and lose credibility.

I genuinely care about other people and am deeply concerned about the well-being of others.

So, in terms of helping people around the world achieve their English/personal development goals, I’m 100%.  However, when it comes to deeply caring about the well-being of others within these border (Thailand), that’s very difficult for me to achieve after 5 years of dealing with the things I’ve dealt with.

I have acquired the knowledge and mastered the skills required for my job.

When I was at my previous job almost a year ago, I lost a lot of passion in teaching my students.  Yes, it was because of the lack of leadership and accountability where I work, the pointing fingers, and a handful of other things. There was a time when I just didn’t have the passion to prepare or teach anymore.  When you put your heart into lessons, only to get complaints from entitled kids who don’t like black people — it’s demoralizing.  That was the worst possible way to end a job, but it was necessary.  Shortly after my departure, I had a few mentors that showed me the ropes, materials and techniques in regards to teaching students a specific course.  I learned more in 2018 then I learned from October of 2014 to February of 2018….and it’s not even close.

I relentlessly upgrade and increase my knowledge and skills in all the important areas of my life.

Everyday I go through a series of habits that will enable me to grow.  From using applications, to bettering myself emotionally, to meditation.  Anytime while I’m commuting to and from work, I’m learning.  There’s no such thing as downtime — there’s learning time.



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