Interviewee #028: Shayla T. Locklear – Corporations, Authenticity, & Coaching

This was another fiery podcast I did with high-performance coach, Shayla Locklear. The amount synergy that came out of this individual in terms of being authentic, coaching and other things towards the end…was amazing. Tune in!


Things We Discussed

Definition for strategy and meditation.

What is the definition between hustle and working?

Why people working in corporate have the similar old-school mindset for hustle?

Working more than 8 hours in corporate.

Problems with corporations, a dying paradigm due to traditional methodology.

Power of mindset.

How people consume your online contents silently without replying to you online. Talk about content marketing.


Importance of impact by leveraging social impact.

The importance of authenticity.

Flawed college education that doesn’t teach transferable skills or accelerate learning.

Being yourself is important.

Being authentic isn’t being creative.

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Thank you for listening!


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