Arsenio’s ESL Podcast: IELTS Speaking III with Nattagan

Arsenio's ESL Podcast
Arsenio's ESL Podcast: IELTS Speaking III with Nattagan

I loved bringing one of my ex-students on. I first started teaching her at a not-going-to-mention-place (lol) just north of Bangkok, but because she was so driven, I stayed in touch with her and decided to bring her on for some IELTS Speaking! Here are some things we covered and questions — plus show notes!


  • What’s the climate like in your country?
  • What effects will the climate have in the future?
  • Has the climate changed in the last 10 years?

Things we discussed:

  • Nattagan’s introduction.
  • Sharing the guest’s experience about IELTS examination. How did she improve herself in the IELTS speaking test?
  • How does she identify her weaknesses in her IELTS speaking?
  • How does she feel about the IELTS part 3 speaking test?
  • What accents were most difficult?
  • Debunking the myth that you can’t ask the Examiner to repeat the question.
  • What is the Thailand’s climate?
  • How has the climate changed over the years?
  • Feedback.
  • Three ways to protect the environment.
  • Feedback.
  • How would climate change people’s lives in the future? The host shared his tips on how to construct ideas and present those ideas.
  • How does climate change affect people how they eat?
  • Different ways to construct ideas for difficult IELTS speaking.
  • How does climate change affect people how they communicate? The host is sharing additional ideas on how climate change affect people how they communicate.
  • Addressing the host’s concerns about being unable to give 3 ideas.


Thank you for listening!


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