Arsenio’s ESL Podcast: Season 3 – Episode 59 – Vocabulary Skill – Working out Meaning from Context

Welcome back to some more vocabulary skills! Love doing this and will have loads more coming up in the next course.

When you hear a new word, you can write it down to look up later, but try to get the meaning as you listen. This helps overall comprehension, and I’ve seen it with my Thai students, too. Guess the meaning by using some of the strategies down below.


These phrases are followed by definitions: means, refers to, consists of, is defined as, is known as, and is called.

A commodity is defined as something people buy and sell.

Close reading means analyzing a text.


These phrases signal that an examples is coming: for example, for instance, such as, and like.

Books are given to those specific groups of needy people, such as the homeless.


An explanation can also help you determine the meaning of the word. They can come before or after the word.

These types of different metals will break down over time.

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