Arsenio’s ESL Podcast: Season 3 – Episode 60 – Pronunciation – Linking of Same Consonants

Welcome back to Part IV of linking same consonants! I’ve done this before a while back, but practice makes perfection and here’s another lesson!

When the same consonant sound appears at the end of one word and at the beginning of another word, it is only pronounced once.

  • Try to learn new collocations.
  • I need a cheap paper dictionary.
  • We’re entering the latest technology.
  • You’re a great teacher.
  • What did the students say?
  • That’s common knowledge.

Now, listen to the consonant sounds and figure out the linking while enunciating it.

  1. Is our debate today about technology?
  2. Brett took notes so he did well on his exam.
  3. I persuaded David to take a music class.
  4. Alex said he bought two new shirts.
  5. Didn’t Tariq bother reading his book?

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