Arsenio’s ESL Podcast: Season 3 – Episode 61 – Grammar – Modal Verbs of Speculation & Deduction (Present)

Oh! Back into the modal verbs! Love these like no tomorrow and of course, so happy to be back at them. Let’s dive into it.

  1. This must be a conspiracy theory.
  2. It might explain the words in his most famous speech ‘I have a dream.’
  3. It could explain why she always wore lots of makeup.
  4. Some scientists are indicating that global warming can’t happen this quickly.
  5. Some people think it may be true.
  6. It might not be just a story.

Task – Country Flags & General

1. It’s a republic.

It must/can’t be the UK because they have a royal family.

2. They speak Spanish there.

It must/might be Mexico because they speak Spanish there.

3. The capital city is Lima.

It must/may be Peru.


4. The currency is the Euro.

It could/can’t be lots of countries because 18 countries or more use Euros.

5. It’s a republic which has a president and a prime minister.

It may/can’t be a France or Italy because they both have a president and a prime minister.

6. Their national anthem is sometimes called “Fratelli d’Italia.’

It could/must be Italy.



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