Arsenio’s ESL Podcast: Season 3 – Developing Vocabulary – Phrasal Verbs Connected with Money & Shopping

Welcome back to another ESL podcast! I’m here to bring you some Phrasal Verbs. Yes! We’re back with Phrasals!

Look at the phrasal verbs used in these sentences and match them with the definitions.

  1. If you want to buy a tablet, you should set some money aside each month.
  2. People are saying the airlines should cut back costs.
  3. He forgot to pay it back, so that’s why he got the notice in the mail.
  4. The bill comes to 17.99.
  5. He doesn’t earny much, but he gets enough to get by.
  6. I picked up some amazing shoes earlier today.
  7. I couldn’t buy the new game because they had already sold out.
  8. She’s going to splash out and buy that designer jacket.

A. Give someone the same amount of money they lent you.

B. Save money from a larger amount to use it later.

C. Reduce the amount of money you spend.

D. Buy

E. Buy something expensive

F. Have just enough money so that you can do what you need to.

G. Reach a total when you add all the parts together.

H. Stop selling a product because there are no more available.

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