Arsenio’s ESL Podcast: International Guest Speaker – Actress/Tedx Speaker Ariane del Melo of Brazil

Had the wonderful pleasure of bringing on an amazing human being. International Guest Speakers are back in action! Tune in for some great stuff and the show notes are down below.

Get in touch with Ariane del Melo, a TED Speaker.


Things we discussed:

Why the move to Germany.

Journalism, cultural differences, racial stereotypes and the flawed education system.

What the interviewee’s feeling about Germany is.

German language.

Sharing about teaching English in German kindergarten and being a salesperson in a German store.

The calling of ambition.

Entering the realm of theatrics.

A bullying victim and an experience in a German school.

What the advantages are of performing arts.

German and American performing arts difference.

Inner voice.

Advantages of facing death.

Her writing experiences.

How did the host earn herself a writing internship and a publishing contract? Learning German.

The beauty of Germany and the opportunities it has for foreigners.

Purpose of self-development.

Being yourself is important.

Being authenticity isn’t being creative but it is who you are.

Thank you for listening!


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