Arsenio’s ESL Podcast: Season 3 – Episode 63 – Grammar – Modal Verbs of Speculation & Deduction (Past)

Here’s the second grammar section, which is a follow-up from the “present” modals I’ve already done.

  1. Some people might have known about her.
  2. This girl must have been the princess.
  3. She may have deceased.
  4. This could have happened anywhere, but unfortunately it happened here in Queensland.
  5. It couldn’t have been easy.
  6. They may not have realized the truth.
  7. The commander couldn’t have known.

Complete the sentences with past modal verbs and the verbs given.

  1. King Authur ________________(exist) but nobody really knows.
  2. If he really existed, he ________________(be) an amazing person because many stories were written about him.
  3. Merlin _______________(use) magic because magic doesn’t exist.
  4. The British poet Alfred Lord Tennyson __________________(like) the stories about Arthur because he wrote poems about him.
  5. Authur’s popularity ________________(disappear) because people are still making films and TV series about him now.

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