Arsenio’s ESL Podcast: International Guest Speaker – Juliette of Estonia – The Queen of Visibility

What a wonderful podcast this was with a brilliant entrepreneur, coach, author and many other things. Juliette, born and raised in Estonia, brought the house down with some amazing personal development bits (needed for my English learners, too). This was my goal all along to bring amazing people around to share some serious knowledge with everyone… a point — that they won’t even realize they’re studying English — but more learning it. I hope you guys enjoy this one! Link down below!

Get in touch with Juliette Stapleton, a Queen of Visibility


Things we discussed:

The power of visibility through social media.

How she started her business.

The power of referral marketing and the power of determination.

The power of facing death and how to enjoy your life.

The power of gratitude.

Chaos and motivation. How did the guest manage to get through all the hardships and negativity?

The “aha” moment.

The guest’s to-do list.

When did she move to Thailand.

The removal of negative people.

The power of being an introvert by leveraging the power of internet and English learning.

The big three things.

Why the guest is leaving Ireland and moving back to her native Estonia. How she is going to manage the reverse culture shock.

How to travel to Estonia?



Thank you for listening!



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