Arsenio’s ESL Podcast: International Guest Speaker – Denis Murphy of Ireland on Language Hacking

Boy, this was a brilliant podcast about language hacking. I’m truly grateful to have connected with Denis, who reveals some awesome language hacking/learning techniques. I hope all of you listen to the podcast down below!

International Guest Speaker Dennis Murphy

  • A Language Hacker

Things we discussed:

  • Brief introduction given by Dennis Murphy to the listeners.
  • Non-English learning.
  • Tips on learning French and what essential ways there are to learn French and other Romance languages.
  • Prejudices from native speakers to non-native speakers.
  • How to learn vocabulary of other languages.
  • Irish Gaelic language.
  • How he shifted from Spanish to Italian.
  • Self-doubt and limited confidence.
  • Basic learning steps.
  • 3 actionable steps for English learners.


Thank you for listening!



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