Arsenio’s ESL Podcast: Season 3 – Episode 75 – Grammar – Mixed Conditionals

Welcome back to another ESL podcast, everyone! Mixed conditionals is on the menu for today, so let’s get into it!

Mixed conditionals are a mixture of the second and third conditional. They can describe an imagination present situation and its past consequence.

If I liked that group I would have gone to see them in concert.

Or they can describe an imaginary past situation and its present consequence. If I’d had breakfast, I wouldn’t be hungry now.

If + past simple….would/wouldn’t have + past participle.

If I wanted a coffee, I would have asked for one.

If + past perfect….would/wouldn’t + infinitive.

If I had passed my driving test, I’d drive to university.


  1. If I’d studied photography…..

A. I take photos for a newspaper.

B. I would take photos for a newspaper.

C. I would have taken photos for a newspaper.

2. I would have gone to the cinema if……

A. I like science fiction movies.

B. I liked schieve fiction movies.

C. I had liked science fiction movies.

3. She would be ill now if…..

A. she doesn’t take the medicine.

B. she didn’t take the medicine.

C. she hadn’t taken the medicine.


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