Arsenio’s ESL Podcast: International Guest Speaker (Season 4) – Ana of Spain on Accelerating Your Learning

WOOHOO! I connected with ana recently through Instagram and boy, with her amount of followers, we set up a call and had a half hour chat about so much. So excited because she’s a BEAST in terms of teaching languages and there are many more things to come! Get ready!

International Guest Speaker Ana from Spain

Things we discussed:

  • Brief introduction given by Ana to the listeners.
  • How she started learning other languages and English.
  • Different types of learning.
  • What similarities are between. Italian, Spanish and Portuguese.
  • Learning and studying.
  • When was she able to pick up languages easily.
  • Secret of the subconscious mind.
  • Maximizing your potential.
  • How to increase performance in learning a language?
  • What the importance is of speaking more languages.
  • The diversity of learning a language.
  • The impact of Ana’s work as a language trainer on her clients and the reviews of Ana’s work by her clients.


Thank you for listening!


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