Speed of Trust: Season 4 – Episode 39 – Transparency – Trust Tips

In Create Transparency, as in all of the behaviors, there must be a responsible balance. Particularly in public companies, there are certain things the law does not allow you to disclose to anyone unless it can be disclosed to everyone. There are other things that are confidential and inappropriate to disclose.

So, again, strengthening the 4 Cores will keep you in the “sweet spot” on the bell curve, and that all of these behaviors work together to balance one another out.

  • At work and at home, periodically ask yourself, am I withholding information that should be shared? If so, ask yourself why. Consider the tax you may be paying as a result. Think about dividends you could be getting by being more transparent.
  • If you’re in a position of leadership at work, rate the transparency of your organization with regard to your various stakeholders. Then consider each situation and ask yourself: if we were more transparent, what difference would it make? Look for ways to appropriately increase transparency — and trust dividends!
  • If you share something with someone like a boyfriend or girlfriend — consider how transparent you are in dealing with financial issues. Keep in mind that money matters are still listed by many as a primary cause of divorce. If you’re not transparent concerning your financial priorities, decisions, and spending, ask yourself why. Strengthening your 4 cores will not only help you act and interact with your partner in more transparent ways, it will also increase your ability to work toward a unified approach.

Tell the truth in a way people can verify. Get real genuine.


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