Arsenio’s ESL Podcast: Season 4 – Episode 19 – Speaking Task – Your “Aha” Moment

How many “aha” moments have you had? I’ve had a plenty, and they’re always life-transforming and changes the trajectory of where I’m going in my life. Listen to my stories in the podcast down below then do the task in free-writing form!


Read the paragraph and the question below.

Our identity develops through the life experiences we have. One type of experience is an “Aha!” moment,, an instant when you suddenly understand something for the first time. It may be something simple, like a concept in a mathematics class, suddenly getting a clear idea about how to solve a bigger problem, such as what school to go to, or what career choice to make. In an “Aha!” moment, people suddenly feel they have learned something new about themselves that will change their life in some way.

Think about any “Aha!” moments you’ve had in class or doing your homework, during which you suddenly understood something clearly for the first time.

What are common big decisions people have to make at different points on their lives? Make a list.

What are some useful strategies for weighing the pros and cons of a situation in order to try to reach an “Aha!” moment and knowing what to decide?

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