TOEIC – Reading Comprehension – Using Context to Answer Vocabulary Questions (1/2)

Welcome back to TOEIC, everyone! Here’s a two-part series! Next video will debut today! Get ready! Make sure you watch all the clues in the YouTube video down below.

Notice to all guests of the Glenvale Inn

The management of the Glenvale Inn would like to apologise to all its quests for any inconvenience caused by our remodelling efforts. We assure you that the greatest efforts are being made to ensure all public spaces are kept immaculately clean, that all guests are provided with courteous professionalism, and that noise is kept to a minimum.

During the remodelling, we are also offering all guests 10% off their bills and 10% off their next stay as well, when the remodelling is complete.

Our new and improved facilities

  • A 24 – hour coffee bar in the lobby with a menu that will feature all your favourite specialty beverages as well as home – made baked good.
  • An expanded exercise room with spa and sauna will be available to melt away any chill you get on the slopes, plus personal trainers on hand for workouts or lessons in skiing or snowboarding.
  • A massage salon will relieve any aches from your exercise in our gym or on the mountain.
  • 20 log cabins, each complete with antique furnishings and bay windows overlooking the scenic valley and the manhole building, will provide a little extra privacy but with all the amenities of one of our suites.

Once again, the magnificent thanks you for your patronage and patience.

1.      Why is the management apologizing?

         (A) There has been a lack of professionalism.

         (B) The exercise room is too small.

         (C) Some construction is underway.

         (D) Guests are being overbilled.

2.      What is being offered to current guests because of the problem?

         (A) A discount on their stay

         (B) Personal training

         (C) Free coffee

         (D) A massage

3.      The word “feature” in paragraph 3, line 1 is closest in meaning to

         (A) make

         (B) include

         (C) highlight

         (D) introduce

4.      What is stated about the log cabins?

         (A) They have a good view of the area.

         (B) They have ultra-modern furniture.

         (C) They are not as well equipment as the suites.

         (D) They are connected to the main hotel.


Arsenio’s ESL Podcast: Season 4 – Episode 22 – Pronunciation: Introduction to Thought Groups

Welcome back, everyone! It’s time to dig deeper into Thought Groups!


  • How to divide your speech into Thought Groups.
  • How Thought Groups help listeners process what is being said.

Fluent speakers don’t often organize their speeches into Thought Groups in English. If you look at Tony Robbins, for instance, he RARELY uses Thought Groups and that’s why it becomes very difficult for people to understand him.

However, other people like Vishen Lakhiani, Jim Quick, Tom Bilyeu and other entrepreneurs do……

Thought Groups Writing

“Hello/ This is Arsenio / he’s from America and teaches English here. / If you have any questions, / please feel free to ask.

That’s how thought groups are divided.


In my podcast, practice the thought groups you see down below.

  1. 7-week-long vacations /// 7/ week-long vacations.
  2. 3-hour-long exams /////// 3 / hour-long exams.
  3. 49-cent stamps ////// 40 / 9-cent stamps
  4. Please call me Ben. /////// Please call me, Ben.
  5. Who’s hiring Julia? //////// Who’s hiring, / Julia?
  6. Slow men working. ////// Slow/ men working.