Arsenio’s ESL Podcast: Season 4 – Episode 27 – Listening – ‘The World’s Most Dangerous Road’

Hello, everyone! Here’s a wonderful story out of the Gateway B2+ book around the world’s most dangerous road. In the podcast will have the recording and this blog has the questions and answers you’ll have to answer while listening in. Make sure you listen and respond to me for the answers!


1. The present says the road

a is by far the most dangerous road in the world.

b is popular with sightseers.

c may attract people because of its reputation

2. Bill Shipman thinks

a the locals don’t understand why people go to Death Road.

b you have to be mad to work on Death Road.

c you can make a lot of money working for a mountain biking business.

3. The presenter thinks that the name Death Road

a describes the road perfectly.

b makes it sound more dangerous than it really is.

c isn’t totally accurate because in some ways it’s not really a road.

4. The number of fatalities on the road per year has dropped because

a traffic has been greatly reduced.

b the road is exclusively for cyclists now

c the condition of the road has improved greatly

5 To make cycling journey easier, Bill and his company

a ask for help from a local ‘earth goddess’.

b let the cyclists get accustomed to the situation progressively.

c take the cyclists in their support vehicles for part of the journey.

6 If you fall off the road,

a you can fall over 500 meters.

b the biking companies are equipped to help in every situation.

c the biking companies sometimes forget to bring suitable equipment for the rescue.

7 Most people want to ride the world’s most dangerous road because they want to

a see the spectacular scenery for themselves.

b impress others.

c improve their survival skills.

Additional speaking….

  1. Would you ever consider going along the world’s most dangerous word by a car or a bike? WHy/why not?
  2. Have you ever done something dangerous?
  3. Can you explain why some people like doing dangerous activities?
  4. Do you think dangerous activities should be encouraged? Or banned?

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