Speed of Trust: Season 4 – Episode 49 – Behavior #7 – Get Better

I remember my first, gorgeous, TOEIC learning student I had at a job I used to have back in Rangsit was tough. Why? It wasn’t her sheer looks and personality, but it was the fact that I couldn’t explain WHY the answers were the answers on this particular test. Welcome to the real world.

If you get a question which the answers are: inspire, inspiration, inspired, inspiring….it was extremely difficult to make a student understand WHY one was the answer and the others weren’t.

It got worse when I started teaching the increasingly difficult IELTS examination, but with perseverance, teaching both online (YouTube), and in -class, let alone having the opportunity to actually teach them…..I got better.

Four years later I know everything from the back of my mind. Why? I asked the right questions. How can I become more resourceful, better, and get more work for myself?


Unless we improve our capabilities dramatically, we’re going to be inadequate to the challenge. And in today’s increasingly competitive environment, it will be very obvious.

Get Better is based on the principles of continuous improvement, learning and change. It is what the Japanese call Kaizen, and it builds enormous trust. Like Deliver Results, this behavior is an example of how one of the 4 Cores (Capabilities) can be turned directly into a powerful relationship-building tool. When people see you as a learning, growing, renewing person — or your organization as a learning, growing, renewing organization — they develop confidence in your ability to succeed in a rapidly changing environment, enabling you to build high-trust relationships and move with incredible speed.

The opposite of Get Better is entropy, deterioration, resting on your laurels, or becoming irrelevant. With the pace of change in today’s world, if you aren’t making a conscious effort to Get Better, you’re not standing still; you’re getting farther and farther behind. You’re becoming less and less relevant because those around you are moving rapidly ahead. Thus, simply staying where you are will not inspire trust; it will diminish it. (NELSON STORY in podcast)

Get Better has two common counterfeits. The first is represented by the “eternal student,” the person who is always learning but never producing. (Joy Story in the podcast)


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