Arsenio’s ESL Podcast: Silver Badge – Sneak Peek #2 – Personal Development Reading

Arsenio's ESL Podcast
Arsenio's ESL Podcast: Silver Badge - Sneak Peek #2 - Personal Development Reading

Super excited about the next sneak peek today! I present to you — READING!
Why am I doing reading? Well, reading has helped me significantly with my grammar.

Most of my students, and people around the world, must understand that reading can improve your grammar more than learning grammar itself. It has to be situational, one of my favorite words. If you just learn grammar without using it throughout your day, you’ll end up forgetting it.

This is why my personal development podcast and the listeners are a byproduct of everything I’m doing today. Sure, only a few people listen to me, but that podcast has helped me with my life because I teach what I read.

Boring Reading?

These aren’t ridiculous excerpts from fiction books. No one has time to waste time on thick novels that serve no purpose for one’s goals. This is going to be hot topics. Great excerpts that has helped me with my life and how you can read it, take notes, see my rundown and put it to work.

Yes, there will be instances that I bring articles out of technological advancements or things emerging in the culture scape, but expect only 25% of that.


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