Arsenio’s ESL Podcast: Season 4 – Episode 31 – Developing Vocabulary – Adjectives That Describe Products

Write the words in the box into the correct categories. Then discuss your choices with someone: appealing, innovative, contemporary, durable, multifunctional, fake, generic, mass-produced


Task II – Write an example

Write an example of each type of product that you own or have seen.

  1. Something you’re wearing that was mass-produced.
  2. Something in your home that is multifunctional.
  3. Something in your room that’s durable.
  4. Something you bought in the last year that’s versatile.
  5. Something you’ve seen that is fake.
  6. Something you like that is generic.
  7. Something in your city, like a place, that’s contemporary.
  8. Something you want to buy that’s innovative.


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