The Enlightenment Series: S1 – E1 – Isabel Hundt on Overcoming Limiting Beliefs

As usual, Isabel Hundt never ceases to amaze me. A very hot topic that most of us struggle with was on point today on tv. I was able to rip the audio from it and put it in podcast form, so guys, this is the first time hearing her on my personal development podcast. I had brought her on before on my English language podcast.

Isabel, who’s an author, coach, sociologist, empath warrior, etc….is one of the most brilliant minds I’ve ever met. In this video/podcast she discusses an array of limiting beliefs, triggers, and a few other things to overcome them. If you’re suffering from intolerance and have a bias against a specific gender, creed, color, this is for you.

Here are the show notes.

Get in touch with Isabel Hundt of Germany


Things we discussed:

  • Introduction given by Isabel Hundt and about her work.
  • Millennials and how they can build a better world.
  • Entitlements and privileges among the younger generations.
  • What are limiting beliefs?
  • What is ‘labelling’? Her experiences growing up in East Germany and about racism.
  • How to overcome self-limiting belief?
  • Subconsciousness of racism and epigenetics.
  • Self-limiting is a form of security.
  • How to develop self-awareness?
  • Emotional awareness.
  • What are the steps to overcoming limiting beliefs?


Thank you for listening!

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