Arsenio’s ESL Podcast: Season 4 – Episode 49 – Developing Writing – A Film Review

Work with a friend, partner, sibling or anyone and rank these, from 1-10 (1 = not important, 10 = very important) when deciding to watch a film.

In the podcast down below…..

  • the star and supporting actors
  • the genre (comedy, science fiction, etc)
  • the plot
  • the length
  • the special effects and visuals
  • the soundtrack
  • the setting and location
  • reviews and recommendations


  1. inter
  2. dis/un/im/ir/in/il
  3. re
  4. ex
  5. under
  6. mis
  7. over
  8. co
  9. post
  10. pre
  11. sub
  12. super
  13. anti

a. wrong, incorrect

b before

c more, bigger, better

e too much

f between

g the opposite, not

h again

i with, together

j a position or situation that existed before, but not now

k below

l after

m against


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