Arsenio’s ESL Podcast: Season 4 – Episode 50 – Pronunciation – Contrast Words in Thought Groups

Welcome back, everyone! This is a quick, interactive exercise for you guys. What I want you to do is underline the words that contrast in each thought group.

  1. I’m looking for a used car, / not a new one.
  2. This isn’t the twenty-fifth floor; / it’s the twenty-sixth floor.
  3. He found his debit card / but not his credit card.
  4. I made the check out to Sarah Fiddenberg, / not Sara Fiddenberg.
  5. I thought our anniversary was on the tenth, / but it’s on the eleventh.
  6. Sue used to like electronic books, / but now she prefers print books.
  7. That’s my home number. / Let me give you my cell number.
  8. If the clothes aren’t on the dryer, / look in the dryer.


Here is one way to add movement to practice your focus words: Stand up and “walk the thought groups.” take one step forward as you say each focus word or the stressed syllable of each focus word.


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