Arsenio’s ESL Podcast: Season 4 – Episode 51 – TOEFL IBT Speaking Practice

One of the independent speaking tasks on TOEFL IBT might involve expressing a preference. To do well on this task, you will need to highlight contrasts.

Read the question down below. Take a moment to prepare a response. Outline your ideas if necessary.

Question: Some students prefer a formal classroom where the teacher lectures and students take notes. Other students prefer a more casual classroom where students participate and work in groups. Which type of classroom do you prefer and why?

Your choice or opinion:

One advantage of the other choice:

Two or three reasons for your choice:

Some students think it’s better to learn from a professor / than from other students / …. that it’s more efficient. / Well, that might be true for them, / but it is not true for me. / Most of the time, / I prefer a casual classroom / to a formal classroom.

45 Seconds to Record!


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