The Enlightenment Podcast: Season 1 – Episode 3 – Shayla Locklear on Email Marketing made EASY!

Amazing to have Shayla come onboard and share some unbelievably useful tips for Email marketing. These were absolutely GOLDEN! So, for those of you who are interested, check the shownotes down below, YouTube video or podcast!

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Things we discussed:

Is email marketing still working now?

How does a content creator (beginners) market on other platforms?

How does MailChimp help for email marketing?

Why email is important?

The real skill that an entrepreneur should have.

The similarities between entrepreneurship and online entrepreneurship.

How to write with finness.

How does a creator know who are subscribers and non-subscribers?

How do you build relationships with your subscribers?

Decision-making is important for entrepreneurship.

How to collect all followers on social media platforms and put them on an email list?


Thank you for listening!


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