Arsenio’s ESL Podcast: Season 4 – Episode 52 – Grammar – Conditionals

Arsenio's ESL Podcast
Arsenio's ESL Podcast: Season 4 - Episode 52 - Grammar - Conditionals

Guys! We’re back with some conditional work and exercises! Now remember, by tuning into my Patreon, you’ll be able to see the “other” conditionals that I’ve written out, along with exercises. So be sure to check it out!

With that being said, let’s get into conditionals and refresh your memory.

Third Conditional

If + past perfect, ……would/wouldn’t have + past participle.

If I had studied, I would have passed the exam.


We use the third conditional to talk about imaginary or impossible situations in the past and their consequences. The situations are impossible because we cannot change them now that they have happened.

Mixed Conditionals

If + past simple, ……… would /wouldn’t have + past participle

If + past perfect, ………. would/ wouldn’t + infinitive


Mixed conditionals are a mixture of the second and third conditional. They can describe an imaginary present situation and its past consequence.

If I liked that group, I would have gone to see them in person.

Or they can describe an imaginary past situation and its present consequence.

If I had had breakfast, I wouldn’t be hungry now.


  1. If the press hadn’t found out about this story, it ____________ (not appear) in the newspapers.
  2. If research ______________(be) useful, people want to know about it.
  3. If they _____________(not be) scientists, they wouldn’t know how to carry out these experiments.
  4. If they repeat the experiment, they ______________(get) the same results next time.

Rewrite these sentences using conditionals

  1. My brother must get good marks because he wants to study medicine next year.

If my brother gets good marks, he………

2. I didn’t know you were at home last night. I wanted to call you for help with my homework.

3. You must water plants as without water, they die.

4. It’s a pity scientists don’t have more funding. They need it to do more research.

Here’s my PATREON link if you want the additional numbers 5-8. If you want the “other conditional structures,” you can subscribe to my Patreon!


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