Arsenio’s ESL Podcast: Season 4 – Episode 56 – Grammar – Other Conditionals

Arsenio's ESL Podcast
Arsenio's ESL Podcast: Season 4 - Episode 56 - Grammar - Other Conditionals

Welcome back to another special! And on today’s podcast I’m going over other conditionals that you could possibly see in academic. Here’s the rundown.

Unless = if …..not, except if.

We won’t be able to swim unless the swimming pool is open.

As long as, provided/providing (that) = if, only if

We’ll be able to swim as long as/ provided the swimming pool is open.

In case = because, maybe

We’ll take our swimsuits in case the swimming pool is open.

Supposing/suppose = imagine….

Supposing he came to eat tonight, would we have enough food?

Should/were to/happened to = when something is less probable

If it were to/should/happened to rain tomorrow, what would we do?

Second Part

I wish/if only + the past = talking about imaginary situations in the present. It expresses wishes for things to be different in the present.

I wish I was on the beach right now.

I wish/if only + past perfect = talking about past situations that we would have liked to be different. It expresses regrets.

If only I hadn’t spent all my money last weekend.

I wish/if only with would/wouldn’t + infinitive = talking about somebody’s habitual behaviour that we want to criticize and change.

My day smokes. I wish we wouldn’t do it.


Write conditional sentences for the situations below.

  1. I’m annoyed today because you didn’t help me.

If you ______________________________________.

2. We couldn’t go out last night because we have an exam today.

If we ________________________________________.

3. I’m afraid of heights so I didn’t go to the top.

If I ___________________________________________.

4. I don’t know any French so I couldn’t translate it.

If I ___________________________________________.

5. He didn’t take his medication. That’s why he’s sick.

If he _________________________________________.

6. They didn’t let us in because we aren’t old enough.

If we _________________________________________.

7. She isn’t happy now because she didn’t get the job.

If she _________________________________________.


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