Arsenio’s ESL Podcast: International Guest Speaker – Adil of Tanzania

Man, this man Adil is FASCINATING! I brought him on my Motivational Mentors podcast and saw that he was just a hustler like no other. Copywriting freak that has an astounding reputation. I then messaged him about details on finding people to come on my international guest speaking podcast, and he told me he was from Tanzania. In awe, I brought him on, and here’s a fascinating conversation with an amazing soul.

Get in touch with Adil from Tanzania, a linguist, an international speaker.


Things we discussed:

  • Introduction
  • The mix of cultures: Indian, Arabic and Tanzanian.
  • How to influence people based on languages.
  • The power of language and what it does to your mind.
  • Acclimating to languages in different regions.
  • The official language of Swahili and other languages he speaks.
  • How did he adapt to the UK when he moved there?
  • Did the guest suffer from any racism and ostracisation in his new environment?
  • How to overcome bullying.
  • Popular culture and fitting in.
  • How does he continue to learn the languages and just be fresh.
  • How do you learn a language?
  • Diversity in the cultures.


Thank you for listening!


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