Arsenio’s ESL Podcast: Season 4 – Episode 57 – Developing Speaking/Writing – Talking About Statistics (IELTS)

Yes! Talking about statistics! This one is going to be great for writing, too. The speaking bank, which will be provided down below, will help you in terms of your IELTS Writing. I will also put this on FB live and upload the podcast form on Tuesday. Excited about providing you guys with more content, and remember, I’m not creating an IELTS badge that will be much cheaper than 1 on 1 coaching. That will be available soon!

  1. Bar chart
  2. Pie chart
  3. Table
  4. Line graph
  5. Map
  6. Process

Speaking Bank

Useful words and expressions to talk about statistics

Numbers and proportions

– a half/third/quarter/fifth/sixth, etc
– one in two/three/five/ten, etc.
– 5/10/15 percent
– the majority/minority
– just under/over
– approximately/roughly
– twice/three/four/five times as many/big as
– slightly/considerably more/fewer
– a large/small/considerable number/proportion of (+ countable noun)
– a large/small/considerable amount/quantity of (+ uncountable noun)
– the (second/third/fourth) largest/biggest/highest
– in comparison with


stay the same/change/level off/stabilize
reach a high/low
slow(ly)/gradual(ly)/slight(ly), stead(steadily)
significant/sharp/dramatic — significantly/sharply/dramatically

Practice Makes Perfect

Write down some sentences using the expressions above about the photos down below.


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