How to Effect Organizational Change — Checklist

What symbols exist in your organization? What do they communicate over to everyone else? Do they create trust? What are the results?

  • Does my organization have Integrity? Do we know what we stand for? Do our structures and systems reflect a basic paradigm of respect and trust? Do we have a culture of honesty? Of humility? Do we listen to one another’s ideas? Can we make and admit mistakes? Do we have the courage to engage the tough issues? Do our systems and structure encourage ethical behavior?
  • Does my organization have good intent? Do we have culture of caring — for one another? For our work? Customers? Do we genuinely want everyone to win? Are the systems set up to reward competition or cooperation? Does the system encourage people to share ideas and information freely — or does it encourage people to withhold?
  • What are the capabilities of my organization? Do we have means to deliver value? Do we attract and retain the Talents, Attitudes, Skills, Knowledge and Style (TASKS) we need to compete in today’s market? Do we have the right people in the right seats on the bus? Are we continuously improving and innovating? Do we reinvent ourselves, if needed?
  • Does my organization get results? Do we deliver what we promise? Do we deliver results that inspires trust? Do we have a track record that promotes confidence.


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