Arsenio’s ESL Podcast: Season 4 – Episode 58 – Developing Writing + Vocabulary – A For & Against Essay

We’re back into ESSAY writing! However, make sure you’re tuning into my Patreon so you can see me break down an essay. In this podcast, I will go over the writing bank and vocabulary.

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Writing Banks

Useful expression in for-and-against essays

  1. First and foremost
  2. secondly
  3. lastly
  • moreover
  • furthermore,
  • what is more
  • in addition
  • not only…..but also
  • a further advantage of
  1. On the one hand
  2. on the other hand
  3. in contrast
  4. in spite of (+ noun/)
  5. Despite the fact
  • However/nevertheless
  • Conversely
  • by the contrast
  1. Therefore
  2. and so
  3. as a result
  4. as a consequence
  5. consequently
  • In my opinion
  • personally, I believe that
  • My own view is that
  • As far as I’m concerned
  • it is said that
  1. In conclusion
  2. Last but not east
  3. All in all
  4. To summarize

Vocabulary – Causes, reasons, and results

Choose the correct alternative.

  1. The news has given rise/risen to a fierce debate.
  2. People are afraid of some scientific research since/as they don’t know what effects it might have.
  3. There is always a risk of accidental infection which could on its way/in turn, lead to a general pandemic.
  4. We still cannot know the full repercussions/all the negative consequences of artificially creating viruses.
  5. The second/side effects of some vaccines are still unknown.
  6. We must be careful because playing with nature could have disastrous/catastrophic results.
  7. The research could bring about/lead to changes in the way governments prepare.
  8. The news about the experiment sparked off/stemmed from a lot of criticism.
  9. I believe the research will prompt the government change/to change the law.
  10. Some experiments are risky due to/owing to the lack of proper precautions.

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