Arsenio’s ESL Podcast: Season 4 – Episode 64 – Developing Vocabulary – Prepositional Phrases

Welcome back to another developing vocabulary episode! Today we’re breaking down prepositional phrases. As always, I love doing these, so prepare yourself!

Complete the sentences with these words.

Account // addition // aid // behalf // means // process // strength // touch

  1. In _________ to the clothes she had bought, she needed to pay for gas, too.
  2. On____________ of my charity, all proceeds will be donated.
  3. She received a donation on _______ of Steven Spielberg
  4. They found her by ___________ of a campaign on T.V.
  5. The Librarian fined the student on the _____________ of the evidence.
  6. The interviewer accused the prime minister of being out of _______________ with what the public really thinks.
  7. I’d really like to thank you on _________ of all the people who are here.
  8. The council is in the _____________ of changing all public signs but has not yet finished.

Complete the sentences with a prepositional phrase from 1.

  1. He lives in a tiny village in the mountains so he’s ______________ what’s happening here in the city.
  2. The singer went to collect the prize ____________ the whole group.
  3. The match has been cancelled ______________ the rain.
  4. The house is a mess because we’re _____________ moving.
  5. The house was heated _____________ solar power.
  6. They gave her the job just _______________ her interview.
  7. They’re going to play a concert _______________ the earthquake victims.
  8. To visit the US you need a visa ________________ a valid passport.


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