Arsenio’s ESL Podcast: Season 4 – Episode 67 – Vocabulary Development – Verbs for Talking about Change

We’re back with some more vocabulary development! In this blog and podcast, we’re going to talk about verbs that signal change.

  • Demolish
  • Develop
  • Extend
  • Make into
  • Remodel
  • Replace
  • Tear down
  • Transform
To add or add toTo change the shape ofTo take away or diminish

Choose the correct word to compelte each sentence.

  1. That old building has been abandoned for years. It should be extended/torn down.
  2. Building a dam across the river completely transformed/replaced the countryside.
  3. If the city adds 20 kms to the road, it will be necessary to extend / replace the sidewalk as well.
  4. When I left for college, my parents decided to make/remodel my bedroom into a home office.
  5. According to this report, there are plans to develop / demolish the homes along the river and create a city park instead.
  6. If we could extend / develop the downtown area further, more businesses would be attracted to the area.
  7. The old bridge isn’t safe. it has to be torn down / replaced with a strong one.
  8. Unfortunately, a new train station design would cost too much money to demolish / remodel.


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