Arsenio’s ESL Podcast: Season 4 – Episode 69 – Writing Skill – Avoid Overusing Will

We use a number of different phrases to avoid overusing will in a description of a plan for the future.

These phrases are used to show that we are not certain that these events or actions will actually take place. Make sure you focus on subject-verb agreement when you replace will with one of these phrases.

  • is/are set to
  • is/are due to
  • is/are likely to
  • is/are projected to
  • is/are forecast to
  • is/are expected to

We can also use plan in different ways:

Plan on verb + -ing something Plan to do something.

Rewrite these sentences in your notebook with the phrases in parentheses to avoid overusing will.

  1. The village will be replaced by a large factory complex. (set)
  2. This change will have happened by the end of 2050. (project)
  3. The population will increase dramatically over the next decade. (likely)
  4. The industrial areas will be demolished in the coming months. (due)
  5. Most of the trees will be removed to allow the construction of new housing. (expect)
  6. The number of malaria cases will probably decrease in the next few years. (forecast)


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