Arsenio’s ESL Podcast: Season 4 – Episode 73 – Vocabulary Skill – Words with Several Uses

Many English words have more than one use, which can make listening comprehension quite difficult. For this reason, when you encounter a new word, or a familiar word used in a new way, it is useful to check for additional uses or meanings in a dictionary.

When you think of traditional Italian cuisine, what comes to mind? (mind – your attention or thoughts)

Would you mind turning off the TV? I’m trying to study (mind = feel annoyed)

Complete the sentences down below with the words in the box. (correct answers in podcast down below)

  1. Much later, Italians ___________ the custom.
  2. One of the first significant trade ___________ was the Silk Road.
  3. A lot of ____________ were traded along the Silk Road.
  4. For thousands of years, silk and porcelain were China’s most important ____________.
  5. These trade routes developed after Christopher Columbus’s ________ landed in the Americas in 1492.
  6. Much of the ___________ you see in the supermarket today was originally from the Americas.
  7. Let me give you some statistics to ____________ this point.
  8. That is great news for the environment, for global warming, and for a number of other __________ we face in the future.

Now complete the sentences with the correct form of the same words from exercise 1. (correct answers in podcast down below)

  1. Even today, almost 90% of the world’s cargo is still ____________ by sea.
  2. Instead of silk, China ___________ and ___________ clothing, electronics, and more.
  3. These places can be crowded, dirty, and sometimes dangerous, but they also do a lot of____________ for people.
  4. The slum is where your ___________ is. People from your village are already there.
  5. The children’s book was ____________ with some very beautiful drawings.
  6. Many people who cannot have their own children will ______________ a baby.
  7. There’s an excellent article on urbanization in the new ___________ of Time.


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