Arsenio’s ESL Podcast: Season 4 – Episode 74 – Pronunciation Skill – Syllable Stress & Meaning

Welcome back, people! It’s time to go over syllable stress and meaning! In some English words, the meaning of the word or its part of speech changes depending on which syllable is stressed.

Much of the produce you see in the supermarket today was originally from the Americas. PROduce (fruits and vegetables) = noun.

Instead of silk, China produces and exports clothing, electronics, and more (proDUCE) (i.e., make) = verb.

Now, listen to the sentences in the audio (in the podcast). Underline the stressed syllables in the words in bold.

  1. European countries imported silk from China.
  2. Chinese silk was still a key European import.
  3. Thanks to increased trade, there has been a decrease in the unemployment rate.
  4. In 2050, the world’s population will actually start to decrease.
  5. The city’s population is still increasing.
  6. She earns $500 a week in the city. That’s a huge increase from her job in the village.
  7. Economists project that the trade deficit will continue to increase this year.
  8. The transportation project is going to improve the lives of thousands.
  9. He signed a contract to work in the London office for two years.
  10. The economy has stopped growing and may now be contracting.


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