Arsenio’s ESL Podcast: Season 4 – Episode 80 – Vocabulary – Finding a Place to Live

Sorry for being a week late, but here’s the blog, along with the vocabulary and the podcast for Finding a Place to Live!

Target vocabulary: do up (a property), flat/house hunt, flat/house share, fully-furnished, landlord/landlady, lodger, move in, put down a deposit, squatter, tenant

Match the following vocabulary with the definitions.

  1. a person who owns a house or flat that people can rent
  2. start living in a house or flat
  3. a person who rents a house or flat
  4. look for a house or flat to live in
  5. repair, paint and improve an older property
  6. a house or flat that you rent with all furniture already in it
  7. pay money when you start to rent, returned when you stop renting
  8. a flat or house where friends live together
  9. a person who lives in a place without paying rent to the owner
  10. someone who pays to live in a house or flat with the person who owns it.


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