Arsenio’s ESL Podcast: Season 4 – Episode 81 – Developing Vocabulary – Idiomatic Expressions with Home

Guys, welcome back to another ESL podcast and blog! Today;s podcast (which the blog should’ve debut last week), is about idiomatic expressions. Here’s a task for you guys, but make sure you tune into the podcast to understand more about the idioms!

  1. I once worked at a primary school, so I’m at home with children.
  2. I know that home truths hurt.
  3. We’re winning by 20 with about 2 minutes left, so we’re home and dry!
  4. I was really disappointed by his new book. It wasn’t anything to write home about.
  5. When temperatures reach 50 degrees celsius, it really brings it home to you that climate change is real.
  6. I’m from New York, so for me a big city like Tokyo is home from home.
  7. Can I ask how much you take home every month?
  8. She homed in on the car she wanted to buy.

a. be comfortable and relaxed with

b. to move quickly towards something

c. a place where you feel as relaxed as in your own home

d. having achieved victory, or certain to achieve it

e. make you realize something (often unpleasant) or understand it better than before.

f. earn

g. unpleasant facts or opinions about you that someone tells you.

h. not be anyting special


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