Arsenio’s ESL Podcast: Season 4 – Episode 85 – Vocabulary Development – Business Verbs

Welcome back, everyone! I’m going over some other things that I quite possibly have left out in the last season, so here they are! Make sure you’re tuning into the Patreon for the additional material I’m putting out!

Match the words in bold with the correct definitions.

  1. Advertise
  2. Communicate
  3. Employ
  4. Invest
  5. Own
  6. Personalize
  7. Promise
  8. Report

a. to share thoughts, feelings, or information by speaking or writing.

b. to put money into a company or property in order to make more money

c. to make or change something so that it is suitable for a particular person

d. to try to persuade people to buy a product or service by announcing it on television, on the internet, in newspapers, etc

e. to tell someone you will definitely do something

f. to give a spoken or written summary of something.

g. to pay someone to do work for you

h. to have an item or possession

Complete the sentences with words above in the CORRECT FORM.

  1. It’s important for companies to provide opportunities for customers to ___________ by phone or by email.
  2. Very successful companies do not need to _________ because everyone already knows their brand.
  3. It’s important for companies to ___________ their money in improving their products.
  4. Customers want businesses to ___________ their service. They want to be treated like a valued individual.
  5. The best companies _____________ the best people to work for them.
  6. When a company ______________ a successful brand, it becomes more valuable.
  7. It’s important for companies to ______________ to their staff how well they are doing.
  8. Businesses should not ______________ customers a service they may not be able to deliver.


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